Dr. Robert Kandarjian:
Intuitive Energy Healer

Dr. Robert Kandarjian moved to the U.S. at the age of fourteen from Lebanon. His pursuit in health care earned him a degree in chiropractic in 1983; he also received a BA in English Literature. Wanting to create an “integrative and soulful” practice, Dr. Kandarjian embraced the philosophy and methods of eastern medicine to better understand the connection between mind, body, emotions, and spirituality. In 1995, he trained in Healing Touch with the American Holistic Nurses Association and incorporated Healing Touch in his practice. From 1995 to 1998, he volunteered with “Friends for Life” (an HIV-AIDS group) where he was a speaker and Healing Touch practitioner. In 1997, Dr. Kandarjian founded Victory Circle, a non-profit holistic education group and introduced meditation and intuition as stress-management modalities to patients and practitioners.

Services: As a Healing Touch Practitioner, Dr. Kandarjian employs holistic and spiritual approaches to healing in his private practice utilizing Intuitive Energy Healing (IEH). As a gifted speaker and practitioner, he reaches large audiences through his “Intuitive Energy Healing” Seminars. He regularly conducts Wise Women’s Workshops”  that empower women to connect to their wise woman within. He is an instructor of Intuitive Energy Healing (IEH) and teaches it to health care providers (MDs, nurses, body therapists and psychologists) in Professional Training workshops. He also consults businesses that employ his Corporate Employee Wellness principles entitled “Business Wealth through Personal Growth.”He is the author of Sacred Intentions,” “Life and Afterlife Q & A” and “The Masculine Heart.”


The holistic philosophy in health recognizes the individual as a whole; body, mind, emotion and spirit are viewed as one. This integrated approach to healing has gained great popularity with many health care providers in the west because of its logic and results.

The human energy field is a subtle biomagnetic field emanating from the body. This energy field (Chi, Ki, Aura, Prana, Life-force) that also runs through the body, is detectable and known to scientists as Bio-plasma, Bio-field or Human Biomagnetic Field. Healing practices that balance human energy fields have been extensively and successfully employed for centuries in Eastern healing traditions and have in recent years captured the attention of western physicians and hospitals.

Balancing the human energy field by hands-on healing is known as Intuitive Energy Healing. Intuitive Energy Healing is non-invasive and complements the mainstream approaches to healing. It blends science with intuition, and western practices with eastern traditions. Intuitive Energy Healing repairs, balances, and brightens the human energy field. The energy is usually experienced as temperature, density, or movement, and perceived through visual, kinesthetic and intuitive senses. The work is done by placing hands on the body as well as away from the body on fully clothed patients. Healing energy is sent to depleted and weak areas of the body to restore strength and balance and to remove congested pools of blocked energy.

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Photos by Robert Kandarjian (Montauk, NY)

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