Professional Training
Intuitive Energy Healing Workshop

Dr. Robert kandarjian and his staff train health care professionals in Intuitive Energy Healing. The one-day training workshops offer practitioners hands-on experience to discover or to expand their Intuitive Energy Healing abilities. Practitioners will learn how to assess, balance and correct the human energy field (aura). The workshop will further teach practitioners to coordinate client and healer intentionality, awaken to inner guidance and intuitive healing, deepen emotional and spiritual integration, and access universal energy. With extensive hands-on work, practitioners gain tools for self-care and self-healing, balance giving with receiving, and empathy with detachment. The workshops are ongoing and there are no prerequisites. You may attend one workshop or as many as you want. To maintain an environment of intimate and safe learning, Intuitive Energy Healing workshops allows only five practitioners per workshop.
The use of Intuitive Energy Healing in mainstream medical and health practice has become more popular and visible over the years. Many hospitals in the U.S. now offer Energy Therapies in their complementary care centers. Those practitioners who have attended the workshops find them transformational and report that Intuitive Energy Healing has enhanced and “modernized” their practice. Because of the workshops, they have gained the skills to combine their analytic talents with their intuitive, and become more aware of their personal healing process.

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