Interview with Dr. Kandarjian

1. As a chiropractor since 1983, you have incorporated eastern modalities into your practice. Can you tell us how the healing practice of balancing the energy of the body complements chiropractic philosophy and traditional medicine?

What I like about Intuitive Energy Healing and balancing is that you are treating the patient as a whole. The energy balancing vitalizes their body, calms the mind and emotions, and opens patients to a stillness that is of a spiritual nature. Chiropractic philosophy and eastern medicine has thought us to look at the patient as a whole. If a patient has a physical complaint, we must look into their mental, emotional, and spiritual state; and in turn, when there is an emotional complaint, the nutritional and physical should be examined. It’s a system of checks and balances. We need to see the patient as someone who has holistic needs, the need for physical, emotional, and spiritual support, and as doctors it is our job to navigate the patient so they can receive holistic care. By receiving holistic care, or total care, patients get well faster and medical costs are much less in the long run.
Energy balancing does not replace the traditional medical model, but it does work well with it. Already many US hospitals today provide energy balancing for their patients in their mind-body or complementary care facilities.

2. How is Energy Balancing helping the patient and what exactly is it doing for the body?

It is literally energizing the body, those areas of the body that have reduced pulsation, and it is balancing the flow of the body’s energy. You can feel it pulsating between your hands when you bring them together or in other parts of your body. You can also feel it on others as you develop more sensitivity. This energy runs through and around the body (aura). A healthy person will have a smooth flow of energy that feels light like a feather. In eastern medicine this energy is called Chi or Prana. Their philosophy is that if the energy flow is weak or interrupted, the person will suffer physically or mentally. Their healing modalities try to restore energy balance and flow. In the west some call this energy the human biomagnetic field. When people have physical problems, depression, or mental exhaustion, their biomagnetic field, their energy flow, becomes compromised and is no longer smooth, flowing, or pulsating.

What we want is smooth pulsating energy flow that is balanced throughout the body; we don’t want imbalance where one area of the body is more active than another. For example, if the flow to the chest is more active than the flow to the feet, it’s possible that this person may develop problems in the chest as well as the feet. We want the flow of energy to be balanced between different areas of the body and we are simply balancing the flow and letting the innate intelligence of the body do the rest of the healing.

3. So who would benefit from Intuitive Energy Balancing?

Everyone because everyone has a biomagnetic field that will benefit from Intuitive Energy Healing. All physical and emotional illnesses negatively affect the flow and balance of the human energy field. Intuitive Energy Healing is a modality that can reduce pain, anxiety, tension and stress. It promotes relaxation and enhances immune function. Children are a group that responds well because most of them feel the energy and are very receptive. The great thing about Intuitive Energy Healing is that it has no contraindications; everyone can receive it and benefit. Patients from all ages and conditions have benefited from Intuitive Energy Healing

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