4. Is there a special sensitivity or gift a doctor or a practitioner must have to do this work? Can any doctor or practitioner do this work?

To do this work you need to be very sensitive to the flow, pulsation and texture of a patient’s energy. The work also has a strong intuitive quality, which means you have to trust and surrender to your intuition when you are with the patient. Not everyone can do this work but it can be taught. Health care practitioners with a strong commitment to learn and with years of practice can develop the sensitivity and eventually do great work. There are certain practitioners born with the gift to sense and feel energy or got in touch with their gift as adults. Sometimes the gift comes when you are an adult, perhaps after you have closed certain chapters in your life. The gifted ones are naturally sensitive and they can very easily surrender to the work. So yes, it’s a plus to have the gift of sensitivity if you want to do this work, but for those who don’t have the gift; it can be developed with patience and commitment.

5. How do you diagnose and treat a patient?

I first listen to their chief complaint and take a good case history. We can pick up a lot from case histories when we listen carefully. At the same time I tune in and listen to what my intuition is telling me about the patient. If for example their complaint is a chest cough, but my intuition is guiding me to talk about and explore their digestive system, their work, their habits, then I do so. I don’t ignore my intuitive guidance because it leads me to great answers and results in order to help the patient. Later, I scan their energy field for irregularities and pattern distortions. For example, a person who “lives in his head” will show depletion in his legs because he has pulled up his energy to his head; thus, he needs energy in his legs to feel grounded. A patient with heart disease will demonstrate uneven flow of energy in the chest compared to other parts of the body. We arrive to the diagnosis through scanning and assessing the flow patterns of the patient’s energy. During the treatment, the patient lies down face up and fully clothed on a massage table; the negative flow patterns are corrected and balanced through Intuitive Energy Healing which can take anywhere from three to thirty minutes.



6. What are your “Healing Children” seminars about?

They are about the connection between parents and children. Parents attend the seminar with their children and we work on balancing and harmonizing the energy flow between parents and between parent and child. Energetically, this healing puts parent and child on the same page; they can “read” and accommodate each other better and therefore the conflicts minimize and disappear. The family, meaning the parents or caretakers, is a central part of the child’s healing process because a child is constantly reacting to his immediate environment. The energy field of a child is vulnerable to its environment because it is still developing and forming. In the “Healing Children” seminars we first assess, correct and balance the parent’s energy field and later we assess, correct and balance the child’s. When this is done, the energies are harmonized between parent and child; but it is the parent who must first receive the correction and balancing. The healing, according to parents, helps them connect to their “intuitive parenting” skills and a deeper understanding of their child’s behavior.

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