Seminar I- Manifesting Intentions with Intuitive Energy Healing (2 hours)

In this transformational seminar, you will explore the theme of manifesting intentions with Dr. Robert Kandarjian. What do you want to manifest? Is it your financial, marital, physical, or personal health? Resistances and fears that we carry from the past get in the way of manifesting intentions. In this seminar, we will create a sacred space where you gently, safely, and effectively bring to awareness and release the blocks and resistances that prevent you from receiving and manifesting your soul’s intentions and longings. Through Intuitive Energy Healing and caring support from Dr Kandarjian, you will loosen the energies that hold back your manifestation for a fulfilled life. You will become aware of your blocks and resistances and begin to heal and release them harmoniously. You will leave the seminar with a deeper understanding of your process in relation to manifesting and have a vision of your personal map to manifestation. By manifesting our soul-guided intentions, we materialize a life that feels enriched and purposeful and filled with pleasure and meaning.

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Seminar II- Healing Children (1 1/2 Hours)

Children feel and react to the energy of their parents; therefore, it is ideal when the energetic flow between parent and child is harmonious and balanced. Intuitive Energy Healing uses light touch to influence the energy system of the body thus complementing traditional health care approaches. In this hands-on and transformational fun class with Dr. Robert Kandarjian, you will experience the joy of parenting by learning to “read” your child, access the wise parent within you, and develop intuitive parenting. You will easily tune in to your child’s body signals and energy needs and remain centered around your children. You will monitor your energy supply more successfully, gain clarity and guidance with decisions for your children, and learn to ground, energize, and calm your child.
In the first half of the seminar, parents will individually lie down face up and fully clothed on a massage table. Their children will stand nearby to “witness and observe” as the parents’ energy flow patterns with their children are assessed, corrected and balanced through Intuitive Energy Healing. In the second half of the seminar, children will individually lie down face up and fully clothed on a message table. Their parents will stand nearby to “witness and support” as the energy flow patterns are assessed, corrected and balanced between child and parent through Intuitive Energy Healing.

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