Healing Children

Parenting is a most heroic act and parents are always trying to do the best they can for their children. The healing process of the child is a family team effort because a child is constantly reacting to his energetic environment. The energy field of a child is vulnerable to its environment because a child’s energy field is open, receptive, and permeable. Since a child is a dependent entity, working energetically with the parents and caretakers is always an effective approach to promote the healing of a child. The healthier the energy of caretakers, the better it is for the child. The objective is to create harmonious energetic flow between parents and between parent and child.
It is ideal when the energetic flow between caretaker and child is harmonious and balanced. It is always advisable to assess, balance and correct the energy field of parents and caretakers before we assess, balance and correct the child’s energy field. In most cases when the energy field of parents and caretakers are corrected, the child’s energy field corrects itself. It is important to note and remember that it is not possible to fully balance and correct the energy field of a child without initially balancing and correcting the energy field of the adults in the child’s life.
Intuitive Energy Healing believes that the best approach in healing a child is to consider the child’s energetic world (parents, family, relatives, school). The child is primarily an expression of a family, and the harmonious energetic flow in the members of the family further supports and anchors the healing and nurturance of the child.
Some of the major imbalances in a child’s energy field are under active, overactive, depleted, or held flow patterns. A child who is withdrawn emotionally or recovering from a cold or illness will have an under active flow and needs to be energized. An overaggressive child will have an overactive flow pattern that needs to be slowed down. A depressed child will have depleted flow of energy in the legs and needs grounding and anchoring of energy in the legs in order to stand and deliver. A held flow pattern means the child is holding and needs to let go; perhaps holding tears, fear, or anger.

During treatments, the energy flow patterns of the child and the parents are assessed, corrected and balanced through Intuitive Energy Healing. As stated earlier, it is always wise to treat the parent before the child with Intuitive Energy Healing in order to maximize the child’s healing process.
The great thing about Intuitive Energy Healing is that it has no contraindications; everyone can receive it and benefit. Children are a group that responds very well because most of them feel the energy and are very receptive. Once the energy flow between parents, and between the parents and the child are balanced and corrected, disharmony of energies is lifted and the child returns to a healthy state.

How parents can help:

Children’s developing energy reacts to the disharmony between parents in many different ways causing physical, emotional, or mental stress. The best way parents can help their children is by creating safety in the marriage, harmonizing their energies with each other, and engaging in their own healing process and self-nurturance.


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