There are classes, CDs, books, therapies and retreats that can help parents center and tune in to their energy flow and learn to listen to their body’s rhythm, signals and intuitive voice. The objective is to calm the overactive mind to better sense the inner voice and body messages. When adults drop into their inner voice and stillness and connect to their body messages by quieting the mind, they better understand and sense their children’s energy needs and patterns. When parents connect to their intuitive knowing in a deeper way, it becomes easier for them to “read” their children, be on the same page with their children, and make effective decisions. Parents, who are tuned in to their own energy flow and stillness, find it easier to address the energy flow and needs of their children. The healing of children is a partnership between the skills and compassion of practitioners, and the ability of parents to listen to their own inner messages. By engaging in self-nurturance, parents feel guided and supported; thus, creating relationships with their children that are fulfilling and joyous.

Seminar Testimonials:

My wife and I attended the “Healing children” seminar recently and were very pleased with the results. It has helped us to better connect to our son, and my wife and I are more on the same page in many ways.
Nelson W

The seminar on “Healing Children” has changed my outlook on my parenting role. I now truly understand that my husband and I must remain in sync and in love with each other to keep our two daughters healthy and happy.
Wendy K


The Healing Children seminar is the wave of the future and ahead of its time.
Sylvia M

I can now better sense how my kids are because I can sense how I am with my energy supply and emotions. I now listen and no longer ignore my inner messages. I don’t live in the frenzy of overdoing with my kids and I no longer operate from overdoing; I can just let my kids be. My kids thank you for the seminar Dr. Kandarjian.
Eva W

Revolutionary and simple: keep harmony between parents and the children will flourish. Thank you for the reminder.
Mary M

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