The books listed below are all great tools in understanding parent-child relationships. The book or CD Sacred Intentions by Dr. Robert Kandarjian is to help the reader center and experience stillness.




1 Robert Kandarjian DC - Sacred Intentions
2 Barbara Ann Brennan - Hands of Light, Light Emerging
3 Harville Hendrix PH.D - Giving The Love That Heals, A Guide For Parents
4 Harville Hendrix PH.D - Getting The Love You Want, A Guide For Couples
5 Erich Fromm M.D. - The Art of Loving.
6 Deepak Chopra M.D. - The Seven Spiritual Laws of Parenting
7 Ashely Montague - Touching
8 Debbie Ford - The Secret of the Shadow
9 Alice Miller - Drama of the Gifted Child, Thou Shalt Not Be Aware


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