Making Healthy Decisions

We are blessed with a reasoning mind; a loving heart and intuition (gut feelings). We’ll call these the three decision-making centers. In order for us to make the right decision, these three centers have to be in agreement.

People at times make decisions from two out of the three centers or sometimes one out of the three; this leads to difficulties and conflict. We must check with all three centers, since their purpose is to create joy in our lives.

Certain people tend to make decisions mainly from their heart feelings of love, pity and compassion and disregard the gut intuitive feelings as well as the reasoning mind. The gut feelings are there to keep us connected to our power, like the deep roots of a tree to mother earth. The gut feelings feel like God’s voice and thus give us security, stability and direction. These intuitive gut feelings keep us in our bodies where we can make grounded decisions. Grounded decisions are decisions that do not contain unrealistic expectations, unhealthy past attachments, and negative fantasies of worry and fear about the future. In our meditations we can strengthen this intuitive voice by focusing our attention on the belly and feet.

The reasoning mind is the logical and practical (Mr. Spock) voice within us that helps with decision making. But if we are in our reasoning mind (in our heads) too much, we miss out on the fun and spontaneity of the heart center and the accuracy of our intuitive gut feelings.

What we have is a system of checks and balances between the three centers: Reason, Heart, and Intuition. Healthy decision-making must have all three active and in agreement. If the three are not in agreement, wait, meditate, ask for help, and take your time. Intuition or gut instinct is like a still lake and brings calm, clarity and balance; therefore, trust your intuition. The heart center reminds us that life’s journey is about love, fun, and connection with others. The reasoning mind helps keep a lid on overenthusiastic emotions and guides intuition into action. This system of checks and balances between these three centers is a blessing that needs to be practiced and taught to all our children.

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