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In the warmth and intimacy of your home, Dr. Kandarjian creates a safe environment for deep healing to unfold. All participants receive healings, counsel and instructions on how best to address their concerns or conditions. In this Home Healing, we will gently, safely, and effectively bring to awareness and release the blocks and resistances that prevent you from receiving and manifesting your soul’s dreams and longings. Resistances and fears that we carry from the past can get in the way of making healthy decisions and manifesting our true longings. Through Intuitive Energy Healing and caring support from Dr Kandarjian, you will loosen the energies that hold you back and begin to heal and release them harmoniously. The issues and complaints of participants remain confidential and private. Intuitive Energy Healing carried out on a massage table uses light touch and movement of the hands as well as sound and intuitive counseling to facilitate deep and transformational healing. You will leave the group with a deeper understanding of your personal process and your personal map to healing. The healing will clear and brighten your Aura and release blocks that hold you back. It will bring you closer to your soulful longings, decisions and courage. You will learn from the wisdom of the past and move forward into the future with enriched purpose, pleasure and meaning.


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