Going to the Light

“Go to the Light for your peace” is the advice to all who die. Once the physical body has completed its service, it is best for the departed to go Home to the Light. In the Light all becomes clear and the journey ends with peace.

First and foremost the departed need to fully recognize and acknowledge that they are no longer in possession of a living physical body. The transitional and suspended state of the departed immediately after dying and the strong resistance to death, create a false physical “living” impression upon the consciousness of the departed. This impression of “being alive” can become a false reality to the departed for a period of days, months, or years. This “false state of aliveness” thus can act as a consciousness trap and prevent movement of the soul to the Light where dwells higher states of evolution and liberation.

Upon death, the deceased take with them the unresolved and unprocessed negative belief systems (unfinished business) which they carried on Earth. Although the soul wants to grow and return Home to the Light, the personality or ego may and does resist this movement due to free will. The departed at times need help to become free from earthly attachments that stun and delay their progress towards the Light.

In helping the departed, the objective is to help them become aware of their soul lessons and tasks and guide them to the Light. Each soul has its own unique skills and abilities in comprehending its lessons and tasks. The guidance that is provided for each soul must carry patience, compassion, and wisdom.

Ultimately, it is their unfinished business and longings on Earth that keep the departed earthbound.

The mindset of the earthbound soul is that only earthly experience can satisfy earthly longings, and the more the departed remain attached to physical experience the longer they remain outside the Light. When the mindset shifts to the greater understanding that earthly longings can be processed and cleared in the Light, the departed release their earthly attachments and return Home and enter the Light.

Most of the departed remain earthbound because they want to sincerely help their loved ones on Earth. The loved ones on Earth need to gain the strength to let go of the departed. Letting go does not mean separation; on the contrary: a stronger spiritual relationship with peace. What is the benefit of returning Home to the Light? The help an earthbound soul can provide to loved ones is limited compared to that soul who has entered the Light. By returning Home to the Light, the assistance they can summon and provide for their loved ones on Earth is hundredfold and monumental. Serving the departed is a sacred task that helps all the families involved and helps us all better align with Divine Will.

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