11. Do you teach such exercises in your seminars?

The seminars create the environment for people to center. They get to experience how Intuitive Energy Healing helps them go in and hear the inner messages.

12. You wanted to close with a reading from your book “Sacred Intentions”

Yes. I feel the healing process is the process of self-care and honest self-nurturance, so I wanted to read this paragraph from chapter 5.

Nurturing myself means that I do things that are good for my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. By taking the time to go inward on a daily basis, I realign myself with my energy flow and inner voice. My inner voice guides me to how I can best nurture myself. There is no reason for me to do it all alone when the kindness and skills of others are available. The quiet time I spend alone to align and connect with my energy flow and inner voice is the most important means by which I nurture myself. My inner gauge tells me whether my energy is on empty or on full and how I can best remain full. My inner voice guides me to my self-nurturance.

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