Letters From Patients

Fifteen months ago my 7 year-old son was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome. He was immediately medicated for tics; he also started 4 different rigorous courses of therapies per week. He had motor and vocal tics (usually several times a day), anger outbursts, trouble focusing and an extremely difficult time relating to his peers where he was ostracized by classmates. This was a very difficult time for our entire family on many levels. My ongoing quest to try to make things better led me to Dr. Robert Kandarjian, a Healing Touch Practitioner. A close friend recommended Dr. Kandarjian to me because she had seen him work years before and felt he was the real thing. I knew nothing about Healers or what they could do but I maintained the attitude that it couldn't hurt; at this point I was willing to do anything to help my son. I remained optimistic, but not really sure what would be done or how it would help. Dr. Kandarjian used energy therapy on my son 2 times in a period of 3 weeks. Then he worked on both my husband and me, explaining how sensitive a child is to his or her parents and surroundings. He said if our energies and our relationship were more harmonious, my son would improve. It has been six months since my son's sessions with Dr. Kandarjian, and in that time he has only had a total of 7 tics. This is absolutely amazing to us and to anyone who knows him. My son's neurologist has decreased his medication and all his therapists have stated that he no longer needs the therapies. He now has many friends and social engagements. His teacher has commented on the remarkable transformation that has taken place. To look at my son now is to look at a happy, normal 8-year-old boy. My husband and I couldn't be more pleased with his progress. What Dr. Kandarjian has done to help our son and our whole family is truly miraculous. May 2005
Abby L

I have received care from Dr. Kandarjian for the past 3 years. I have generally been skeptical of Holistic practitioners, being trained as an experimental psychologist, but he is the genuine article. One can feel the difference in 1-2 sessions. My bodily and emotional functioning has greatly improved due to the chakric adjustments and related counsel he has provided. My blood pressure has decreased to the normal range, which 4 medications alone had not been able to do. I had a bout with cancer, which I feel his therapy helped me defeat. July 2005
Steve S.

I am a 37-year-old married woman and the mother of three children. I have suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety for many years and I was on medication. I started seeing Dr. Kandarjian six months ago for energy healing. Since then my life has changed considerably. I now experience much less worry and anxiety. My obsessive thinking has decreased tremendously and I have discontinued my anti-anxiety medication. Most importantly, I am finally able to fully enjoy my life with my husband and my children. My mind is peaceful and my mind is happy! April 2005
Marion S

I am a registered nurse working in the field of holistic care. I have watched in awe the work of Dr. Kandarjian. If the source of stress is physical with underlying emotional cause, he can discover it even if his patient doesn't have a clue as to what it is. He has helped everyone I have referred. He is unique and thorough in his method, and communicates his assessment in a most gentle way. His objective is always to empower us to heal. June 2005

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