Seminar Testimonials

The seminars have helped our family reunite and prioritize our intentions. They have been a spiritual awakening because they have helped connect us to our Real needs and intentions.
John M

We have attended all the seminars that Dr. Kandarjian offers. They have changed our lives forever. My family and I finally understand how to keep harmony and what to do when things break down. We are clear about our intentions and our children feel safe with us in their truth.
Larry M

After attending “Manifesting Intentions” seminar, I became clear what was stopping me from manifesting a better job and an intimate realtionship. I now see the patterns. Thank you.
Paula H

Dr Kandarjian creates the most safe environment in his seminars for people to grow, let go and unfold. It was so easy for me to hear my inner guidance and feel the strength to make necessary changes. I now know how my physical problem relates to my mental, emotional and spiritual beliefs, and how I can attract the good in my life.
Hope W

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