Businesses can no longer operate in an atmosphere of disconnection and autonomy. Goals need to be clearly defined and understood by everyone. Identifying both long and short-term objectives for individuals, for specific divisions or teams, and the company as a whole, is essential to a collaborating vision and success. Unified intentions create direction, purpose, and harmony in a group or team. They eliminate personal agendas and foster productivity, cooperation, and belonging. Having a plan for each department and interlinking department goals solidifies a company as a team. It is also crucial to have periodic reviews to ensure that all involved are on track.

Benefits: Effective and profitable decision-making, eliminates wasted time and energy.


Down time does not mean coffee break and gossip. Down time is mainly about creating an atmosphere where people can be in their silence and stillness. In a new and more evolved work environment, down time means quieting of the mind and centering of emotions. Work generally creates an expansion of our consciousness. Down time should help us contract, rest and refuel. The future workplace will successfully balance the activities of doing and being while creating an environment that is mindful and successful.

Benefits: Reduction in costly errors and mistakes.




The majority of people instinctively pass blame onto others instead of identifying what went wrong and taking responsibility for their own actions. Money and time become wasted and mistakes are repeated when the lessons are not the objective. When it comes to mistakes, the focus must be on the lessons gained and the wisdom learned. The public respects and values companies who practice accountability. Humility can be very productive and profitable. Admission by all can actually create an environment of growth, trust, connection, and loyalty.

Benefits: Eliminating negative patterns and preventing reoccurrence of potentially costly mistakes, gaining wisdom.



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