Awareness and expression of the gifts of gratitude and humility can reap endless profits and rewards for both businesses and their employees. Genuine thankfulness along with humility expressed in the business world creates good business and invites security and stability of relationships and workflow. Gratitude for the things we have generates more abundance and profitability because anguish and struggle is minimized. The more we appreciate our employees and other business relationships the more we attract positive people and money. When we display and amplify the positive experiences in the workplace, negativity is eliminated and a positive work environment is created.

Benefits: Increased productivity and creativity, strengthening of business relationships, positive reinforcement.


Forced determination means you don’t know when to quit and you keep pushing until someone or something vital collapses or breaks. You believe things get done through push, resistance and struggle and you want others to do the same. This can begin at the top and easily spill over to each level of the organization. When people operate in overload it creates a chaotic work environment and is counterproductive. This business approach may get the job done for the short-term, but it is a recipe for future failure. Businesses who continue to operate from forced determination compromise great employees and their future vision.

Benefits: Increased contribution by workers, healthier work environment and balance.





Depletion, exhaustion and burnout in a work environment will inevitably cause mistakes. Quality will be compromised, costing businesses money and serious credibility issues, along with unnecessary lawsuits. Burned out workers are cynical, aloof, detached, resentful, and feel justified to steal, to cut corners, and to sabotage. The financial and human costs of burn out are beyond measure. A conscious effort to prevent worker depletion increases morale and loyalty, thus increasing the bottom line.

Benefits: Minimize stress, eliminate hostile working environment, reduce losses and maintain credibility.



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